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Laser Distance Meter Type X310



Laser Distance Meter Type X310

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Product Description

The DISTO X310 is no ordinary laser measure. Manufactured by Leica Geosystems, the market leader in laser measuring technology, the X310 has been designed for use especially in adverse and arduous site conditions. The X310 is dustproof and waterproof to IP65 and, with the housing and keypad being completely sealed, it can be washed under running water. Also the X310 has additional internal strengthening and protection around the measuring module to withstand a drop from 2 metres.So what else does the DISTO X310 offer? The X310 like all DISTO units is easy to use and highly accurate, it has a measuring range of 120 metres and accuracy within 1mm. Although designed for the more challenging site conditions, the comprehensive functionality of the X310 means that it is the ideal tool for a multitude of measuring applications. Its in-built 360 tilt sensor combines the measurement of angles and distances, to allow simple remote measurement of heights. The tilt sensor also enables the unit to calculate the true horizontal distance from a measurement taken on the slope, ideal for measuring over obstacles.
The X310 functions include: addition and subtraction; area and volume calculation; continuous measuring (like a rolling tape measure) showing minimum and maximum measurements; unique wall area function for calculation of total wall areas of rooms; a stake-out function for marking-out equal distances or two different recurring distances; a timer for delayed measuring, useful for eliminating any movement of the DISTO when measuring longer distances or measuring from difficult positions; a memory function for recall of the last 20 measurements; and Pythagoras function for remote measuring of heights/lengths. Measurements are normally from the back of the instrument, but can be switched to the front or to the tripod mounting thread, at the press of a button.Other key features of the DISTO X310 is its integrated Leica Power Range Technology that ensures excellent and consistent measuring performance even in unfavourable conditions. also, for accurate measuring from edges or corners the X310 has a fold-out end-piece, the unit automatically senses the position of the end-piece and takes this into account when measuring. To prevent inadvertent switching-on of the instrument when not being used, the X310 has a keypad lock. All measurement results (choice of metric or imperial units) are clearly displayed on a 4-line illuminated display, which can show 4 measurements simultaneously.As with all the latest Leica DISTO models, the X310 conforms to ISO 16331-1. This ISO specification is an industry standard for laser measuring tools. A product that is specified to ISO 16331-1 ensures that the measurement range and accuracy stated on the box are tested and achieved using a strictly defined process. In other words the DISTO X310 will always achieve its measuring range and accuracy in everyday situations, not just in a laboratory under ‘ideal’ conditions.With its high specification, IP65 protection rating, ISO classification and the reassurance of a 3 year warranty, the DISTO X310 is the ideal measuring tool for those more demanding measurement applications.
Technical specifications:
Typical measuring accuracy ± 1 mm
Range up to 120 m
Measuring units 0.000 m, 0.0000 m, 0.00 m, 0.00 ft, 0‘00‘‘ 1/32, 0.0 in, 0 in 1/32
Power Range Technology™
Distance in m
Ø of the laser dot in mm
10, 50, 100 m
6, 30, 60 mm
Protection class IP 65 – water jet protection and dust-tight
Measurements per set of batteries up to 5000
Batteries type AAA 2 × 1,5 V
Dimensions 122 × 55 × 31 mm
Weight with batteries 155 g
Min/max measurement
Continuous measurement
Stake out function
Painter function
Pythagoras 3 points, partial height
Smart Horizontal Mode™
Height tracking
Memory 20 Displays
Illuminated display
Multifunctional end-piece with automatic recognition

Box Contains

1 x Leica DISTO X310 instrument
1 x Pouch with belt loop
1 x Wrist strap
2 x AAA batteries
1 x User Manual
1 x Quckstart Guide


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