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Jual Distance Meter Laser Type D5 – Merk Leica



Kami Jual Distance Meter Laser Type D5 – Merk Leica

Product Description

The Leica DISTO D5 laser distance measure, with a range of 200 metres and accuracy of 1mm, has been designed primarily for outdoor measuring.Leica classify DISTO models as being either for indoor measuring or for outdoor measuring. This doesn’t mean the indoor models don’t work outdoors, but if you have ever used a laser outside, you will understand the difficulty in seeing the red laser dot, particularly in sunlight and over long distances.With the DISTO D5, Leica has succeeded in eliminating these difficulties by incorporating into this instrument a digital viewfinder, much like you see on a digital camera. This extremely effective viewfinder has a high-resolution 2.4” colour display with 4 times zoom, which provides a sharp, clear image, making the measuring target easy to find, even in bright sunlight. The crosshairs on the DISTO display screen accurately identify the position of the laser dot, without the need for the user to look anywhere other than at the instrument’s screen.Although the D5 is classified for outdoor use, it has a comprehensive range of indoor measuring functions, as well as those for outdoor work. Functions include: addition and subtraction; area and volume; continuous measuring (like a rolling tape measure); a room calculation function, giving room perimeter, ceiling/floor area, total wall area and room volume, all from just 3 measurements; a timer for delayed measuring, useful for eliminating any movement of the DISTO when measuring long distances; a memory function for recall of the last 20 measurements; a trapezium function for area measurement of gables, giving angle and length of roof pitch; and Pythagoras function for remote measuring of heights/lengths.Other clever features include the D5’s built-in tilt sensor for measurement of angles up to 45°, this also allows the unit to calculate the true horizontal from a measurement taken on the slope, ideal for measuring over obstacles. For accurate measuring from edges or corners the DISTO D5 has a fold-out end-piece, the unit automatically takes this into account when measuring.

The D5 is easy to use, in spite of its comprehensive range of functions, with all measurements being clearly shown on the 4 line illuminated display. With its functionality and digital viewfinder the DISTO D5 is an essential tool for all professionals involved in outdoor measuring.

Distance measurements:

Measuring accuracy up to 30 m (2 σ) typically: ± 1.5 mm* ± 0.06 in*

Power Range Technology™:
Range (use target plate from about 100 m): 0.05 m to 200 m /2 in to 656 ft

Smallest unit displayed; 0.1 mm (1/32″)

Distance measurement : Yes

Minimum/maximum measurement, Conti- nuous measurement: Yes

Area/volume calculation of room data: Yes

Addition / subtraction : Yes

Indirect measurement using Pythagoras: Yes

Trapezium measurement: Yes

Tilt measurements:
Tilt sensor: Accuracy (2 σ)- to laser beam – to the housing

+/-0.3° **
± 0.3° **

Indirect measurement using tilt sensor (direct horizontal distance): Yes

Angle measurement using tilt sensor (+/-45°) : Yes

General: II

Laser type : 35 nm, < 1 mW

Ø laser point (at distances): 6 / 30 / 60 mm (10 / 50 / 100 m)

Autom. laser switch-off: after 3 min

Autom. instrument switch-off: after 6 min

Display illumination :Yes

Multifunctional endpiece: Yes

Timer (self-triggering): Yes

Save constant value: Yes

Historical storage: 20 values


Range of BLUETOOTH® Cl. 2 : n/a

Tripod thread (Type: 1/4-20): Yes

Battery life,: Type AA, 2 x 1.5V

up to: 5 000 measurements

Protection against splashes and dust: IP 54, dust-proof, splash-proof

Dimensions: 143.5 x 55 x 30 mm (5.65×2.16×1.18 in)

Weight (with batteries): 195 g

Temperature range: Storage

Operation: -25°C up to +70°C (-13°F up to +158°F) -10°C up to +50°C (14°F up to +122°F)

Box Contains

1 x Leica DISTO D5 instrument
Pouch with belt loop
1 x Wrist strap
2 x AA batteries
User Manual
1 x Quckstart Guide


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