Gas Detector

Jual Single Gas Detector Type Altair



Jual Single Gas Detector Type Altair

Merk MSA

Sensor options for CO, H2S, and O2

Patented electrochemical sensors and MSA-built button sensors

Stainless steel and solid electrolyte construction virtually eliminate sensor leakage

Automatically records the last 25 alarm/test events and can communicate data by connecting to MSA Link via built-in IR communication port

No-miss triple alarm system includes bright flashing LEDs, piercing audible alarm, and an internal vibrating alarm

Rubberized armor housing and one-button operation for maximum durability and simplicity

Physical Characteristics

Size : Instrument shall not exceed 3.4” x 2.0” x 1.0” in total size.
Weight : 4.0 oz including clip.
Handling : Unit shall be easy to operate.
Case Material : Conductive rubber housing.
Environmental Protection
Instrument shall be rated to IP67 protection levels for dust/water ingress.
Display Location : Display is viewable from the front.
Carrying Attachments
Unit shall have various optional belt attachments: Suspender style clip Lanyard
Cell phone belt clip
Event log
Unit shall be equipped with standard ev
ent data logging of no less than 25
events before overwriting oldest logged events
Kami Jual Single Gas Detector Type Altair


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